Our services

Our Services

Entrance Doors

The entrance of your business establishment says a lot about the owner. It will tell of your class.

Shower Box

Elegant and flexible shower box as per the area needed on the location.

Office partition

An office partitioned with glass is attractive and a great way to impress clients as well as your work force. You still have an open office where the supervisor can easily monitor everyone while at the same time it’s not noisy because of the walls.


We pride ourselves in our product and workmanship by using superior materials, designing and custom building the product, followed with installing high quality, safe, and durable railing systems. During your consultation and the design process of your glass frameless railings or stainless steel handrails, we will take detailed measurements of the required area, go over all of the possible design options that will best suit your existing or new space, and present you with an affordable quote that will fit your budget.

Reception Counter

Many important things happen at the reception desk counter of your business. Your customer is first greeted with a smile or an impatient employee. You hope your employee is friendly and gives your customer the impression that he or she is happy to see the customer. Your customers want to feel at home as they know they can easily switch to another company to do business with. No matter if you are a physician’s office, manufacturing company, Realtor office, etc, you always have competition. If your employees are not friendly at your reception counters, you just may lose your customers.

Laminated glass

Our experienced staff has been in this industry long enough; thus, you can be assured of top-notch services that our clients always love and trust. We install laminated glass using the very best machine and technology that will not only make it as good as new, but also help extend its durability.


Our mirror install company will create the perfect mirror and install it. We have a team of professional staff that has many years of experience in this field and will provide top-notch service that will exceed your expectations

Glass Tempering

Andndet glass Technology is your best option for tempering services and glass fabrication.Our tempering plant will provide our clients with fabrication and tempering services. We service glass cutters and installers, glass and glazing contractors, mirrors companies & more.

Reception glass logo

The company logo is so integral part of any organization. It is one of the inherent parts of any organization. We will locate your company logo in the best place in your office. 

There are different facts you still have to know about reception logs. Now, things are really getting modern. Also, just like every other thing in daily life, the ideas offered by us are unique. Your company’s reception  logo needs to be visible and elegant.

Aluminum Works

Our aluminum frames lead the way on quality, aesthetics and availability. We carry a wide range of sizes to meet your needs. 

Glass Frosting

Frosting your glass in any king of design and pattern